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In 2007 during the hype of Myspace, a profile was created called Music Box Unwinds. The name came from a misheard lyrics in a song by an Australian band called The Scare who I was obsessed with at the time. It started off as a way to promote bands my friends were in and bands that I thought everyone needed to hear. Jump forward a year and I was given my first camera and I decided that a DSLR would be much better than a little Kodak point and shoot. The first gig that MBU covered was the incredible Finch - one of my favourite bands and in one of my favourite venues - King Tuts, Glasgow. As the years went on we moved from site to site while trying to find the best way to reach the fans of all the bands we were covering. We also wanted to provide the fans more than just photos of gigs so branched out to interviews to help fans feel closer to their favourite artists. Contributors came on board and helped out immensely, covering gigs in England, Scotland, Wales, Canada and America. 

In 2015 life got a little busy and it was best to take a hiatus to concentrate on life and regroup. A few attempts to restart got pushed back but 2020 will be the year Music Box Unwinds gets new life breathing through it. As well as music, we will also be covering TV and Film and also bring you interviews with the unsung heroes behind the scenes within the industry. 

You will be able to find us across all the social medias to keep up to date with all the happenings on the site. 

Thanks for checking us out!
Editor @ Music Box Unwinds

The Editor

The name is Stacey
From the West of Scotland
I have three cheeties.
Massive fan of James Dean
I rather love Deftones, Alexisonfire, City & Colour, Alkaline Trio, Jimmy Eat World, Thrice, Pvris, The Distillers, Architects The Gaslight Anthem and many others.
I think It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is hilarious and Charlie is my favourite.

I also love Parks & Rec, New Girl, Ink Master, Schitt's Creek and Brooklyn-99.

I draw music related art and sell it on Etsy.

My favourite artists are Jime Litwalk and Kelly Doty.
I find Vikings - both the TV series and the real Nordic variety -  fascinating.
Canada is my happy place.
Obsessed with Star Wars

Pretty sure I've watched every American true crime documentary
I have a photography diploma
I am a drummer and also like to have a wee strum on the guitar
I am terrified of the German accent, butterflies/moths and wet plastic bags. gads!

As you can tell, I am super exciting.
Also a fan of sarcasm.

You can find me on Twitter: @malacey_