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Born and Raised Concert Series - St Catharines

I am later than I expected to be with getting all the photos from the best weekend ever edited and uploaded but Canada has had me super busy!

It all started on Friday with Dooms Children and it was amazing to finally see them live. Wade MacNeil is one of my favourite vocalists / guitarist and to hear this songs sung live and so raw was just beautiful. The second band I ever photographed when I got into gig photography was Wade's band, Black Lungs. It's insane to have photographed that show in King Tuts to a few hundred people to now photograph him in front of thousands.

Next was Moneen...aaah, Moneen! The one and only time I had seen them before was waaaay back in January 2004 when they opened for Brand New. I was completely blown away by them and thought they were insane. Kenny is like a human pogo stick, you just do not know where he is going to bounce off to next, needless to say, 18 years later nothing has changed. It was amazing to hear Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? and Star Angry....End Mad live again. Been far too long.

Broken Social Society is a band I had never heard before but I really enjoyed their site, hand a kind of Cure vibe that I was fully behind. They even did a cover of the Queen that is Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic'. Added bonus since I didn't see Alanis in Glasgow a couple of weeks back.

The the one and only time I've seen City & Colour (I have meant to see Dallas in Glasgow so many times but between health and life, it always fell though) but I photographed C&C in Niagara on the Lake in 2017 and it was just one of the best experiences. Dallas always sounds phenomenal but lately it's just way above and beyond amazing. The set list was perfect but I am jealous of those that were there on the Thursday since they got to hear Casey's Song live. During one of the songs, the skies opened up and it poured...torrentially poured but that could not even get in the way of my happiness. I was grinning like a cheshire cat the whole time. Dallas has been my favourite vocalist since first seeing/meeting him in 2004 and he just never disappoints.

Saturday was a super hot day and the park was incredibly packed to the brim, I don't know how everyone fit in but what a show from start to finish. I hadn't heard NOBRO before and was impressed! 4 young women giving it their absolute all.

When I used to get the bus to Glasgow for college, I would do the enhance Spotify playlist thing and it would add songs that it would think that I'd like. It added Hot Water Music's 'Drag My Body', well, it quickly became one of my most played songs. Such an awesome band and sound just as amazing live. I finally got to meet Chris Cresswell after NOBRO's set and it totally made up for missing The Flatliners a few weeks ago in Glasgow. I adore that band.

Billy Talent just took me back to 14 year old me playing Try Honesty on the drums, beating out all my teenage angst. The band haven't changed abit ad Ben's voice sounds the exact same, it's insane! Full energy from them and can tell they still love every minute of it. Was good hearing Red Flag and Fallen Leaves (which has been stuck in my head since!) - thought I was reliving my teen years.

Last and not least was the incomparable, the elite and best of the best- Alexisonfire. If you know me and have prowled through my site, you will maybe have noticed I have a favourite band and THE ONLY BAND EVER, are that band. I can't put into words what Saturday night meant to me. It took me 18 years to finally photograph them and 13 years of waiting to see them again. I have seen them a bunch of times and I keep thinking after each show that they are at their best but Saturday was on another level. They just seemed flawlessly good and better than ever. Hearing songs that I haven't heard in years was just beyond any gift really. Just overwhelmed by the weekend.

So head over to the photo section and check them out! All images are now available to download and share :)

Thank you so much Cristina and Ashley for everything!


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