Interview // The Interrupters

One of our favourite bands just now has got to be The Interrupters! They have brought a punk sound to ska and breathed new life into the genre. It’s refreshing to see another female role model for this genre and be up there with some of the biggest names in punk.

You will be able to catch The Interrupters at Slam Dunk Festival this weekend, where they’ll be hitting up the Punk in Drublic stage along with the likes of NOFX, Bad Religion, Less Than Jake and many more!

Read on to see what Aimee, The Interrupters’ awesome lead singer has to say about the band and Slam Dunk!

Huge thanks to Aimee and Anna.

1. Punk in Drublic Festival will be in at Slam Dunk and in the UK for the first time this year, how does it feel to be just one of a handful of bands to play that stage?

It feels like home! We have been lucky enough to play some of the Punk In Drublic shows in the US last year. We have also played shows with every band on our stage so it will be like a punk rock family reunion!

2. You can clearly hear Rancid’s influence on the band’s sound, what has been like to work them over the years? Do you think they’ve helped helm your sound and style more?

Rancid and Operation Ivy are huge influences on us. We all grew up on the Give Em The Boot compilations so it’s an honor to be on Hellcat records and even crazier have Tim Armstrong as our producer and mentor. We couldn’t be in better hands for the kind of music we make! On our new album all of the members of Rancid sing a verse on “Got Each Other”. That happening was a huge bucket list moment for us!

3. As time goes by and you have new releases coming out, do you find your approach to writing music has changed or do you just go with what comes more naturally?

We are writing all the time. Our approach to that never really changes. Sometimes our recording process will be a little different depending on the song or record but we always approach songwriting the same, and that’s just trying to write our truth.

4. I read that The Interrupters are the first female fronted ska band to have a radio hit since No Doubt, why do you think it’s such a rare occurrence?

I think it’s probably rare because the roots of punk rock and ska have always been predominately underground, although it has dipped in and out of the mainstream throughout the years. We are incredibly grateful for all the radio love we have received on this album. We never went into to the writing or recoding process with the goal of making a song for radio but we always want our music to be heard by as many people as possible. I think it’s a combination of timing, hard work and a little bit of magic!

5. Who are you wanting to check out at Slam Dunk and who would you recommend to those reading?

Honestly, EVERY band on the Punk In Drublic stage! NOFX and Bad Religion are living legends.

6. What are The Interrupters plans for the rest of the year? Europe tour in June, USA in July and going to Japan for the very first time in August! 7. Is there anything you’d like to say to those reading to wrap things up? Check out our new album Fight The Good Fight!

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