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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Every week I'll post what I have been listening to most through the week and what I would recommend you blast into your ear holes...

Manic Street Preachers - Everything and Anything by them

Manic Street Preachers are one of those bands who I have basically listened to my whole life. While looking through old photos I found ones from when I saw the band for the first and last time way back on July 15th 2000 for free at Radio One Big Sunday at Irvine Beach Park. Jumped in Spotify and reminded myself of their immense backlog of music.

Australia, A Design For Life, Motorcycle Emptiness, You Stole The Sun From My Heart, If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next and their collaboration with The Cardigan's Nina Persson, "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" have been played almost constantly and I don't think I'll be easing up on the plays anytime soon.

Thrice - In Exile

Thrice are one of those bands who have been consistent with every release and never fail to bring out something impressive. In Exile is one of those tracks that you can easily sit with on repeat without getting sick of it.

They are also one of few bands who sound even better live, the live version of In Exile on their Anthology album.

Alkaline Trio - Demon and Division

There is one slight trend on this list and it is mainly made up of bands I've listened to for all my life or a large bulk of it.

Alkaline Trio is yet another of those bands and no matter how many times I listen, there is always a track I can go back to that I might have overlooked previously or just means something else years on. Demon & Division is just pure Alkaline Trio, catchy with a bit of darkness to the lyrics but light in music all at once.

Frightening Rabbit - Holy

Scott Hutchison has got to be one of the greatest lyricists of all time. He just seemed to have a beautiful way of constructing sentences. This song is no exception.

"While you read to me from the riot act way on high, high, Clutching a crisp New Testament, breathing fire, fire. Will you save me the fake benevolence, I don't have time, I'm, Just too far gone for a-tellin', lost my pride, I don't mind. Being lonely, So leave me alone. Aw, you're acting all holy, Me, I'm just full of holes."

Larkin Poe - Black Betty

I was recently recommended this band and was blown away by some of the music they were bringing out. I could have chose any of their songs really but this cover of Ram Jam's 'Black Betty' just really stood out. The musicality in it is just astounding and they have really put their own stamp on this classic track.

Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know

It's insane to believe that 'Jagged Little Pill' is 25 years old this year. It's an album that is just as relevant now as it was back then, if not more. Alanis Morissette helped show that women could produce music with grungy lyrics and a little more attitude.

'You Oughta Know' is one of the highlights of an album that is filled with instant classic. I borrowed this CD from my mum after she listened to it a couple of times. If she had the chance to listen to it more, she probably wouldn't have allowed six year old me to take it but this whole record is just timeless. 25 years later and I have yet to return it to my mum. Sorry, mum!

City & Colour - Strangers

I have followed Alexisonfire since first seeing them in 2004 in Glasgow's King Tuts. Dallas' voice has always stood out a mile and his solo released under the name City & Colour have been just as impressive. His latest album, 'A Pill For Loneliness', feels like it has taken all the best parts from his previous albums and put them all on here.

Strangers became the second single from the album and wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple more to be released

Barns Courtney - Golden Dandelions

It has only been in the last year or so that I learnt about Barns Courtney and heard a few songs used in adverts. It was while wrapping Christmas presents that I heard 'Golden Dandelions' and found myself wanting to listen to it again and again. A couple of months later and I still haven't tired of it yet.

Jimmy Eat World - Polaris

Another of the bands that has stuck with me since I was around 11 years old. They are a band that I always feel doesn't get the recognition they truly deserve.

As amazing as the big hitters are like 'The Middle' and 'Sweetness', my favourite track of their's has got to be 'Polaris'.

They make writing anthem seem so easy,

Pvris - Hallucinations

I took a while to jump on the Pvris band wagon but I am glad that a couple of years ago I came out from beneath my rock and gave them a listen.

They continue to impress me with their own unique sound and every song has a bridge or chorus that will get stuck in your head for days.

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