Review // Derren Brown's Underground

Rating: 5 Star!

From the minute the lights are lowered and the screen prompt has the audience speaking in unison, you know the wonder that is Derren Brown has everyone in the palm of his hand.

Underground brings back some of Derren Brown’s greatest moments to old and new audiences. Even though you may have seen some of these acts before, you will still struggle to lift your jaw off the floor. Brown is full of wit, humour, charisma and has a stage presence that is second to none. Whether he is sharing stories or performing one of his mystifying acts, he fills the stage like no other and does it with such ease. You cannot help but feel completely drawn in and fixated on him from the time he takes to the stage until he leaves. I would not have liked the job of having to narrow down the list of such astonishing acts to fit the two-hour time slot.

One of Derren’s key points is how interactive he is with his audience; his quick wit and anecdotes of previous shows bring a light heartedness and humour to an otherwise intense show. There is never a dull moment, there is always some form of interaction and even parts where you do not have any control over your limbs.

When leaving there was a mixture of people asking questions and just rambling about what they have just witnessed or there were those that seemed to be left speechless and in a state of complete disbelief.

If there is ever a show that you need to see, this is the show. The world needs to know and witness the phenomenal talent that Derren Brown possesses. You will be left awe struck and mesmerised, not just during the show but for days afterwards.

I also could not recommend the Theatre Royal in Glasgow enough. Beautiful venue that was perfect for this style of performance. Thank you to Laura for arranging the tickets and for the hospitality.

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