Throw Back // Alkaline Trio

Updated: Jun 18, 2020


2014 By far the most surreal day I had over the years of having MBU was the day I finally got to meet and work with Alkaline Trio.

I have loved this band since I was 10/11 years old (not far off 31 now) and couldn’t believe when the awesome Haaris Ali emailed me to confirm I had an interview and photo passI was a nervous wreck before hand, I never knew who I would be interviewing, if it would go ahead at all. They always say, “never meet your heroes”, but I couldn’t believe how amazing these three were and all the questions they started asking me about what I did and how MBU became a thing. Their tour manager Andy was the greatest too. I’ve seen them a few times live and never cease to amaze me. This band can do absolutely nothing wrong in my eyes.

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