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Another wee trip down memory lane!

I had the chance to see City & Colour a few times in Glasgow but there was always something happened and I never got any of the dates.

In 2017, I was booked to go to visit my family in Canada, I was standing in the queue at the post office when I received a message from auntie to say she had bought me tickets to a festival for Canada's 150 since she knew I loved live music. She then sent me a photo of the lineup and i was in tears when I saw City & Colour's name at the top! The people in the queue must've thought I had lost the plot. Then a few weeks later, I got word from the lovely Cristina that I had been giving a photo pass for the show as well!! Cue some more tears. It was such a privilege to finally get to photograph Dallas, more so as it was an *almost* hometown show for him. It was just such an immense show, I walked away singing with "The Girl" playing in the background at the end of the night. Some of my favourite photos were taken this night.

Still forever one of my favourite experiences.


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