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we are 16 years old!

Where have those years gone? MBU was started in 2007 as a little page on Myspace as a way to fangirl and promote the bands that I was really into. I never really planned for it to go the way it did and never in a hundred years did I ever expect to cover some of my lifelong favourites. As someone who suffers from mental health, having MBU really pushed me out my comfort zone and made me do and meet people I'd normally never have the guts to.

Apologies that things have been a little slow around here lately. I was in Canada for 5 weeks and haven't quite got my footing back yet. The post holiday blues are going hard this time and I have also been working on Auld Crows Art things. More will be coming soon, I promise!

Thanks so much to everyone who has checked out the site, liked a post or shared photo/interview, it is appreciated beyond words.

Thank you,

Stacey // Music Box Unwinds.

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