I started Staceynery during lockdown as a way of keeping inspired by music and finding an outlet for my creativity again. I have always loved drawing but it took a backseat for so long. Obviously, I was doing photography and working gigs for MBU as well as being an Event Coordinator but that all came to a crashing end when Covid hit. I love tattoos, drawing and lyrics so I thought, "Why not combine them all?" and so Staceynery was started. 

I also do glass engraving, wood burning and some other crafty things with Staceynery but since apparel and prints are easiest to mail out, I tend to advertise that more. 

If you want to treat yourself, a family member or friend to artwork of their favourite bands, just pop over to staceynery.co.uk 

Thank you!

You can also find us on other social media pages :)

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