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Before Covid hit, I had MBU to keep me occupied as well as working as an Event Coordinator. During lockdown I started thinking of ways to still do music inspired things and also restore my love of art so I started Staceynery. I started doing prints and more pyrography with designs inspired by my favourite songs. Staceynery continued with more gifts and something for everyone but the artwork and apparel I started making didn't fit with that brand so I switched it to Auld Crows Art. A play on my name and one of my favourite songs - "Old Crows" by my favourite band Alexisonfire.

It been unreal but amazing seeing people even getting tattoos of my work, it just completely blows my mind. It is amazing to see my work connect with people.

If you want to treat yourself, a family member or friend to artwork of their favourite bands, just pop over to

I also take commissions as well.

Thank you!

You can also find us on other social media pages :)


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